Monday 27 February 2017

Passing Through

Once upon a grey weekend morning
I found myself at a large station
Catching a train to a nearby village.
As I ambled through the grand terminal
Important announcements filled the air.
Excursions to Paris, London and Brussels
Where towering structures dominate
And historic monuments of undoubted significance
Compose all-encompassing city skylines.
Disoriented, I stumbled onto a concourse
Deciphering signs and thinking aloud
Though all at sea and as yet unheard
I’m swept along by the ushering crowd.
Hustling, bustling
Footsteps quickening
Bumping of suitcases
Scraping, pattering
Clicking of heels
Clean polished floors
Mechanical clunking
Locking of doors.
Away from the frantic crusade
In some other reality
My train crept up to a platform.
I slipped on
And the train disappeared into the fog.